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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

OOC: I apologise for being a tad late in making a post.

Archeon Pendragon (Azrael), "Fallen" Demon Lord
Market Street, Southport

The merchant smiled at Archeon, taking his hand into hers in greeting. "I would be honored if we could," she replied. She then took a moment to point out the direction of the tavern. "It's not on this street, you see. It will be on the next one over, where most inns and high-end stores are located." Archeon nodded his head, a smile gracing his lips, a look on intrigue rising on his features when he noticed that the merchant was now practically smirking. "I'm sure you will have no problem charming your way in."

Archeon let out a chuckle, nodding his head. "Your confidence in me relieves me. Sadly, I must make haste." With that, Archeon slowly lifted his hand that held the merchant's, and kissed the top of her hand, before releasing the hand. "Thank you, milady. Until we meet again"

Archeon turned and left, heading in the direction of the tavern, and after some walking he arrived at it, and looked with interest at the tavern, the tavern seemed to exude of interest to Archeon, and he couldn't quite place why exactly he was so intrigued by the tavern. Surely it was just a mere tavern and nothing more. However, he then remembered the description of the tavern given to him earlier by the merchant, and his eyes narrowed as he gazed at the tavern.

Realising that he had been standing outside staring at the tavern, looking like an idiot, for long enough he began walking towards the entrance of the tavern, preparing himself for what he found on the other side of the tavern.
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