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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path

Daniel and Samael
Human (Magus) and Jellicent
The Seventh Rose

The knife clanged to the floor for the 63rd time that day, still refusing to stick. "Nope."

"What are you doing? Besides trying to look like an idiot, I mean." The Jellicent next to me whispered.

I stuck out my tongue at the Floating Pokemon in reply. "It would appear that I am trying to eat myself."

"I couldn't blame you if you were. You were rather delicious..." I cut off Samael's musings with a interesting facial expression, "Oh come on: just because you're not allowed to finish the steak doesn't mean you can't comment on how it tasted."

"You might want to avoid commenting about that TO the steak, though. Especially when that steak can make you lose a dimension. Anyway, that's not the only thing I object to."

Samael looked confused,"What else would you object to?"

"Your Uncle Daniel will tell you when you're older."

Now he got it, based on the way his face contorted,"Anyway, you need money."

"I have money, and if I need goods I can steal them."

"Really? What if the people you try to rob fight back?"

"I'd like to see them try. I am one of the Wise. I would mop the floor with them."

"Does being 'one of the Wise' mean you won't get knocked out by a chair to the back of the head?"

I though on that for a second. "I need money. What do you suggest?"

Samael looked smug,"Just listen. Keep your ears open for an opportunity. They tend to simply waltz in in places like this."

"I am skeptical." But I opened my ears to listen for different things anyways.

Perception Check: Listen for anything interesting, particularly about employment opportunities.

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