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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

My Team, updated (Since I now own the game as it is released now)

~Black 2~
Name: Fuelh
Badges: 4
Adventure Started: 10/12/2012

Gigawatt [Male]
Level - 28
Item - None
Nature - Jolly
Ability - Volt Absorb
'Impetuous and Silly'


Covet [Normal]
Takedown [Normal]
Quick Attack [Normal]
Bite [Dark]

My Jolteon has no Electric Type moves as I only used the Thunderstone on my Eevee when it was level 26

Akatora [Female]
Level - 27
Item - None
Nature - Lonely
Ability - Intimidate
'Sturdy Body'

Fire Fang [Fire]
Ember [Fire]
Take Down [Normal]
Flame Wheel [Normal]

Growlithe and Arcanine are my favorite Pokémon so I knew I was going to catch a Growlithe, I shall be using the Firestone on my Growlithe at level 45. My Growlithe's nickname means Red Tiger in Japanese

Reiki [Male]
Level - 27
Item - Quick Claw
Nature - Careful
Ability - Inner Focus
'Sturdy Body'

Me First [Normal]
Quick Attack [Normal]
Force Palm [Fight]
Counter [Fight]

I can't remember where I got the name for my Lucario but I chose Lucario on my team because I knew he would be a good edition to my team.

Malathemis [Male]
Level - 27
Item - Miracle Seed
Nature - Hasty
Ability - Overgrow
'Likes to run'

Mega Drain [Grass]
Leaf Tornado [Grass]
Vine Whip [Grass]
Leech Seed [Grass]

I chose this Nickname for when Snivy is in it's last Evolution form. The Nickname means Malachite which is a Green coloured Carbonite material and Themis which is a Greek Deity that represents Law and Order. I also chose this Pokémon because I had my Team already planned out before I picked up the game and I already had my Fire and Water type Pokémon planned out.

Pokemon Black FC: 3525-9905-6727
Pokemon Black 2 FC: 2752-9056-3931

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