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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Litwick (Temporary)]
Currently: Capturing Chandelure.

'Awesome! Found the Luxury Ball!' I thought to myself before I heard a ghastly cry from across the floor.

"Luuuuuuure!" The Chandelure had finally caught up to us.

A trickle of ghostly sweat fell down my ghostly head. Oh no. Did I have anything that could take the heat?

Take the heat.

Heat. Of course!

"Litwick!" I said, pointing at the Chandelure. "You have Flash Fire, right? That means you can soak up Chandelure's attacks! Quick, use Shadow Ball!"

The Litwick, upon hearing my command, began to conjure up dark energy from the blue flame from atop its head. A small sphere formed in front of the candle, which was then fired towards the Chandelure. The Chandelure, obviously caught off guard, was slammed into by the Shadow Ball, leaving it fairly damaged.

"Luuuure!" Angered, the Chandelure fired a Shadow Ball right back at us, but it was much larger this time. Litwick braced itself for the hit, not daring to dodge for I was right behind it. When it opened its eyes again, it found itself unharmed.

Pleasant had jumped in front of its way just before collision. Even ghost Ghost type Pokemon could take damage.

"Just take it!" the Shuppet screamed as it fell to the floor and disappeared. I almost panicked there and then. Another of my Pokemon, gone, forever. I had to stop this thing.

"H-hex!" I scowled. Litwick did just as instructed, and used its ghostly powers to form a dark cloud around Chandelure. As it collided with the chandelier Pokemon, a curse was placed on it, inflicting damage. The Chandelure continued to wince.


"Quick, it's coming!" I yelled at Litwick. But it was too late. The Chandelure's flames grew, and it fired a deathly Inferno attack at the Litwick. "You can take it, use Flash Fire!"

Turns out Litwick didn't have Flash Fire. Not at all. Flames erupted all around the small candle Pokemon, incinerating it. It turned to me just as it collapsed, using its psychic powers to telecommunicate with me.

"F-flame Body. S-sorry!" Litwick disappeared too.

"E-enough!" I yelled at the devil before me, looking at it straight in the eyes and thrusting the Luxury Ball in front of me, showing it to the beast. "You're mine."

"Chandelure, return!" I said, launching the Luxury Ball right at the foul thing. The ball zapped the Pokemon back inside the prison. It fell to the ground, leaving me to wonder what was going to happen in the next few moments.
Official's Post:

The Luxury Ball hits Chandelure, pulling the Pokemon inside. It drops to the floor and begins to shake.




The resounding PING! fills your ears. Immediately you begin to feel lightheaded. The room seems to flip upside down as you fall to the floor and everything goes black.

When you open your eyes, you find yourself slumped over a table. Next to you, Pleasant and Bushfire blink and open their eyes. They're alive?!

Tiny is standing over you with a worried expression.

You slowly get up, your head is pounding and you still feel weak. Most of all, you can't believe your Pokemon seem alright! Was everything just a dream?

"Lit, litwick?"

That voice...

Th small candle Pokemon is perched on a bookshelf behind you.

You saved us, thank you! it says via Psychic.

You look at the shelf where you found Chandelure's Luxury Ball, but there's nothing there.

I-I would like v-very much to go with you, Litwick says nervously.

Wild Litwick appeared! Write a paragraph if you want to catch it!
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