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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

You reach the dirt mounds. Everything seems pretty peaceful and quiet now that the Nincada are gone. The piles of dirt are almost up to your knees. You wonder what could be underneath. Maybe there are tunnels under all of Celestia? Who knows! You walk around the tunnels and... oops. You accidently nudge one with your foot. The dirt comes pouring down. You hastily shake the dirt out of your shoe. How annoying!

There's not much else to see here. You turn to walk away from the dirt mounds and towards Route 4.

"Nin! Nincada!" something cries from behind you. You spin to see a Nincada crawling out of one of the dirt piles. I guess they didn't all leave. This one must have been keeping watch over the holes and it doesn't look happy that you've disturbed its home!

Wild Nincada appeared! Write a paragraph if you want to catch it!

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"It's time to battle, Snorunt go and use powder snow." Nincada tries to dodge but is hit. "Pokeball go."

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