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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Litwick (Temporary)]
Currently: Looking for the Luxury Ball.

My eyes stop going blue from the visions Litwick was giving me. I now knew for certain where the ball was. I did wonder why the small Pokemon hadn't shown me before, though.

"Quick!" I say to them. I was worried I might stay like this forever. It was so strange, not being able to feel anything. I felt weightless and almost emotionless - it was so unusual.

My squad ran back to where we once were. Then, I followed the directions Tiny took in my vision. The place was dusty, and several books had fallen from their shelves and onto the floor. The fight with the Chandelure must have been quite tough.

I rushed over to the bookcase where the Luxury Ball rolled under. I placed my hand underneath, digging through the space under the bookshelf.
Official's Post:

Litwick somehow reads your thoughts and frowns. You didn't ask it to check with Psychic earlier!

Anyway, you reach under the bookshelf and ...eureka! Your hand closes over something round. You pull out the Luxury Ball in its minimised form.



Chandelure appears around the side of the bookshelf behind you. It's eyes begin to glow. Immediately you feel the strength begin to leave your body. Litwick looks up at you worriedly. "Lit! Litwick!" it cries, afraid.

You remember what happened to Bushfire and cringe. You have to battle this thing, but you'll be placing your Pokemon in great danger. Do you have a Pokemon that can handle the heat?

Enraged Chandelure appeared! You gotta catch it!
Sucking away your life force! Can only be captured with Luxury Ball!
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