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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

Despite your impressive battle strategy, Chandelure easily dodges your Pokemon's moves using Psychic. It's round eyes light up and all your Pokemon begin to glow and float in the air. Uh-oh! "Luuuuureee!" Chandelure screeches, almost deafening you. Your Pokemon each struggle to cover their ears. With a pinging sound, all your Pokemon suddenly revert into their energy forms and are automatically sucked back into their Pokeballs. You stand before Chandelure defenceless. Just as the crazed Pokemon begins to closed in, a clanging sound from the other end of the library pulls its attention. You have no choice but to flee while it's distracted!

You begin to run, dodging around a book case. You don't notice something small and round drop from your pocket and roll away...
Trainer: dj-tiny
Running around like madman since a Psychic type move had work on a dark type
Tiny run around bookcases trying to avoid Chandelure while trying to think about what has happend in this Library
A Pokemon has been killed
Eti has turned into a ghost
A dark being Effected by a Psychic Type move
Tiny then realise he can use Spookey to help Eti since it is a Ghost
Tiny then let's out Spookey and tells it to go to Eti
Tiny then heads to Eti Body to get Eveevee
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