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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"You're tired? Your snoring kept me up last night." Ichiru chuckled at Kotomi’s words as the younger Vampire turned her body so that her legs rested on Aiden’s lap.

“I did not snore!” Aiden protested just before Kotomi leaned over and gave him a kiss.

“You do.” Ichiru responded, and Aiden gave him a playful glare as Kol joined them, sitting down in the armchair with a sigh.

"I really need a girlfriend or something. This is just sad."

"You attract girls within a five foot radar at school, but you always turn them down." Kotomi teased in response.

"Oh, I love someone, but she's already taken." Kol responded, and both Kotomi and Aiden looked at him in confusion.

"Really? Who?" Kotomi asked. Kol locked eyes with her for a few moments, then looked over at Aiden before averting his gaze back to the younger Vampire. Ichiru understood the meaning of this instantly, but it took Aiden a few more moments to realize.

"No one. It doesn't matter." Kol finally responded with a shake of his head. "She's happily taken, so I'm not going to get in between them." He then stood up without another word and walked outside.

"That was weird..." Kotomi said, concern clear in her voice. Ichiru glanced at Aiden to see if he had understood who Kol was referring to, and saw that the Original’s gaze was now on the floor.

"I want to play in the snow." Abigail announced from the kitchen table before Ichiru could say anything to Aiden. The front door opened then before either he or Ashley could respond, and Mason stepped into the house.

"Holy crap. Even for a Hybrid it's cold outside." He said before looking over to Aiden, Ichiru and Kotomi. "Where's Diana? I'd figured she'd be here."

"She's in the library doing some homework." Kotomi responded as Ichiru averted his gaze to the window. He knew what Mason was about to be told would upset him, and he really couldn’t blame him when he thought about it from his point of view. But regardless of the situation, it was still true that if Mason truly loved her, he would want her to be happy no matter what it meant.

"Oh okay, thanks." Mason headed toward the library. Only a few moments later, the three of them came back out, although Damon came first by himself while Mason and Diana came together and headed outside. Damon walked over to the bar and poured himself a glass of Brandy before looking at the group.

“Let the fun begin.”

“What’s uncle Damon talking about?” Scarlet asked as the older Vampire downed his glass.

“You’ll find out in a few minutes.” Ashley’s smile was forced as she responded to the toddler, and the room fell into silence as they all waited for Mason and Diana to have their discussion. After awhile, yelling could be heard coming from outside, and Damon went to go see what was going on. Ichiru and Aiden could see through the window that Mason had grabbed Diana’s arm angrily, although somehow they couldn’t hear the conversation.

When Mason suddenly punched Damon in the face, Ichiru rose from the couch out of instinct, following Bonnie and Isobel outside. However, when he got there, Mason had already left and Diana had her arms wrapped around Damon, which brought the younger Vampire to give a soft sigh.

“Looks like that could have gone a bit more smoothly…”
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