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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:

After sitting with you on the bridge for a while, Kari finally stands up.

"Thank you so much for bringing me safely to Navi Town," she smiles gratefully. "Now that we're here, I feel a little silly... My grandparents live here so I'll be fine now. I'd like to thank you, so please take this. It's not much, but I really appreciate you helping me."

Kari hands you a small coin purse. Inside is 10 stars.

"I better go before my grandparents start to worry. I hope we'll meet again some day!" Kari waves to you and then walks off in the direction of the town.

Ilov obtained 10 stars!
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: In Navi Town
"Aw, that was nice of her!" I hold the back coin purse tightly and put it in my bag.
"Tree?" Treecko looks at me with confusion. And then pouts with a sad face.
"Hahahaha. I'm sure we'll meet her again, she said so herself didn't she?" I comforted Treecko by calmly stroking his cleft head.
"Now that I have 10 stars, let's get that old rod at the Pokemart!"
"Nyaa!" Out of nowhere, Meowth suddenly materialize beside me with an old rod in his hand.
"Did you steal that!? Here, take this bag of stars to pay that person back!" I rummage my bag to find the coin purse. Huh? Its not here!
Then, Meowth waves a coin purse in front of me.
"Did you use the money to buy that rod?"
Meowth nods vigorously.
"Wow, good job Meowth, Thanks!" I pat Meowth's head in affection.
"Alright, I believe that it's time to go to Route 3! Let's go Treecko, Meowth!"
Treecko and Meowth begin to run into Route 3. I follow them and exit Navi Town.

*leaving Navi Town for Route 3*
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