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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Heading for the hut!

It was beginning to get hot. Sarah continued walking through the forest, glad of the shade of the trees. Eventually she spotted what seemed to be a small hut up ahead.

"We really should get back to Aster," Sarah said to the half-unconscious Sunkern. "But maybe there's someone in there who can help us. It'll take far too long to go back and forwards. We'll just take a quick look..."

Sarah ran towards the hut. When she finally reached it, she was puffing heavily. She knocked on the door nervously. "Hello?" she called. "Can anyone help us? My Sunkern is really sick!"

"We'll give them 2 minutes to answer," Sarah said, looking down at her watch. "That's if there's anyone home... Then we'll go back and collect Aster. He may have found something to help. Otherwise we're off to the next town!"
Official's Post:

You knock on the door, hoping that someone would be inside to help alleviate your current situation. The door opens slightly, creaking as it does so. Two shy brown eyes peer at you from the crack.

"H-hello?" The old man seems nervous. You politely explain the situation to him.

"O-okay. Please, come in."

You walk inside the little hut. Everything is made from wood - the table, the chairs, the cupboards, everything. The kitchen also smells deliciously fruity. You cautiously take a seat at the table - on top of it is a colourful blue fruit-bowl containing lots of delicious berries: Tamato, Pinap, Oran and Pecha!

"Don't worry, the man said," taking a few of the Pecha berries from the bowl. "I'll fix your Sunkern up some Pecha soup. That should cure the poison. The name's Joe, by the way."

The man carefully peels and chops up the berries. They are then mashed and put into a pan of boiling water, amongst other things. As he cooks the soup, you wonder whether or not you should make conversation with him. He seems oddly nervous. You wonder why a man would live out in the forest alone like this.
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