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Default Re: Mew or Arceus ( Who is the real god)

I actually like Mew over Arceus as a Pokemon, and in my Dream Team, I would have had it not been for the fact that I'd get my a** handed to me by a Dark, Ghost or Bug type due to picking three Psychics (and Arceus WAS stronger). I was thinking realistically there. Anyways, I like Mew more and would prefer Mew as a Pokemon, but technically, a LOT of evidence points towards Arceus actually creating nonliving matter, something that Mew is not even slightly capable of (At minimum, Arceus created the Sinnoh Region, which includes rocks and dirt and water and whatnot). The whole 'Arceus created Mew who created every living thing' idea is my stance on the subject in general...So the Alpha Mon is in charge of the Pokemon world. Sorry, Mew. You cannot make what cannot live.

...Minty, that was the best line ever given on the topic.
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