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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire | Litwick (Temporary)]
Currently: Freaked out.

Okay. So I was a ghost. This certainly wasn't unusual, or anything. No. it was completely unusual. In my heart I was breaking down over Bushfire, although I wouldn't dare show it to Pleasant and Monster.

"Eugh, disgusting!" Pleasant scowled at me, turning his back towards me.

"I won't be a ghost for long!" I hoped.

We needed to find a way to stop the Chandelure. And I knew just how to do so.

"Litwick!" I turned to the Ghost type. "We need to find that Chandelure's Luxury Ball! And I know just where I put it. Can you help light the way?"

"Lit! Wick!" it responded. We began to make our way down the East Wing as quickly as possible, so not to be detected by the nasty Chandelure again. Litwick's dim light led the way, and it wasn't as if a ghost's footsteps could make much noise.

Once we got to the East Wing, I scanned the area where the librarian once was. It felt somewhat warm without his presence.

I returned to the bookshelf where I had placed the Luxury Ball and rooted around for it. Hopefully it was still there.
Official's Post:

There's nothing there. You sigh with disappointment. Where could the ball have gone? Litwick shakes its head sadly. Its eyes light up with a strange blue aura once more...

You see Tiny run into the library and come across your body. You see him wrench the Luxury Ball from your hand and rush off towards the light from Chandelure. You watch as he attempts to battle the Pokemon and is then forced to flee. As he runs, something small and round drops from his pocket and rolls across the floor, landing under a bookcase...


You know where the Luxury Ball is. Now you just need to get to it before Chandelure finds you!

"Luuuuureee!" the ringing voice echoes through the library. You'd better hurry!
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