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Originally Posted by Ilovstuddy View Post
Trainer: Ilov Studdy
Currently: Trying to save a Trainer from an enraged Mankey
"Huff. Huff. Treecko, Meowth! Wait up!"
It seems like the battle ended before I can get any spotlight. I approach the less-fortunate Mankey that was frozen. It slightly moves every one or two seconds, trying to recover from its ice-cold state.
"So, should we hel-"
"What is that noise!?"
"Tree!" "Nyaaaa!"
Treecko and Meowth also seem disturbed by the sound. I turn left and find...
(Sorry for the wait!)

Official's Post:
You turn to the left just in time to see something big and sandy-coloured disappear into the forest.

"Help!" a voice screeches again, and this time a young girl flies out of the bushes. She is puffing heavily. "Please help me! I think something's following me." She looks over her shoulder nervously. "I'm trying to get to Navi Town but I keep getting the feeling that I'm being watched. I hid in the bushes for a while, hoping whatever it was would go away, but instead it seems to be waiting for me," she shudders.

"Are you going to Navi Town? Please can I travel with you for a while? I don't have any Pokemon of my own, but you'll protect me, won't you?" she pleads. "My name is Kari, by the way."
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