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Default Re: Should Pokémon fighting be banned?

Oh my god the PETA needs to shut up about this already. -_-

You can't compare the real world to a fantasy world such as Pokemon. Real life animals do not have the abilities to breathe fire, conduct electricity, or control space time continuum and so on. The physics in either world are entirely different. Humans in real life will not survive an electric shock or blast of fire from a concentrated source.

I'll use my 'Protect theory'. 99% of Pokemon can learn Protect. Protect involves creating a nigh impenetreble barrier to prevent all damage to the user, barring the exception of one or two moves based on effects that make sense. [Shadow Force and Feint] That energy has to come from somewhere. I believe that that same energy source prevents Pokemon from dying in battle, or terminal damage to them in regular battles. Pokemon dying by unnatural causes seems to be rare in Pokemon games, so I believe this puts a bit more light to my theory.

Another thing is that Pokemon display a far more complex and immediate, not to mention obvious personality and intelligence than normal animals of the real world. This pertains to Pokemon being able to jump out at a human being for just wandering into it's territory by accident and attack it with freaking super powers. I don't think anyone is going to be running around by themselves without the risk of being killed, because if an animal attacks a human for no reason, the humans are gonna go out and do something about it. also, there are good people, and there are bad people. Real life scenario: If a good person has a guard dog trained to attack legitimate threats, when a bad guy has a dog trained to attack anyone he doesn't like, well the two dogs are going to get into a squabble. Is that animal abuse? I don't consider it so.

On Pokemon standards, the Pokemon fight for the person in self defense. On terms of casual and friendly battling, again, putting my 'Protect Theory' into place. Pokemon spar to train, to get better, and to prove that their human trainer is the best they could have. Pokemon doesn't like the person? They don't do anything, simple as that. There are abusers of Pokemon, there are abusers of animals. Most of the time in the anime, trainers are hardly attacking random Pokemon unless they are specifically looking to capture it. Where does that leave the real life side? Well domestic pets didn't start off as domestic in the beginning did they?

Honestly PETA are being entirely stupid over something fictional. As I said before next thing you know, they will be on the backs of Final Fantasy for the mass genocide of multiple species and the abuse of endangered ones via summoning them when they are only required. -_-
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