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Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze)
Currently: Trying to catch a bird... thing

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You journey down Route 1, relieved to have made it even this far after your harrowing first experience with an enraged Electivire. You wonder if all the Pokemon in Celestia are that strong. What if there's something big and dangerous lurking around the next corner?!


Something way out in the forest falls to the ground with a massive boom. The screeching of Pokemon echoes around you as birds take to the air and all manner of land creatures flee from the impact. Blaze crouches into battle mode immediately, looking for any danger.

Then everything goes quiet again. The Pokemon stop squawking. It's almost as if nothing happened...

You wonder what could be going on over in the forest, but there's no clear path in that direction. You would have to fight your way through the thick undergrowth and who knows what's out there!

Before you can make up your mind, Blaze nudges you and points further up the route. A small bird is hopping up the path away from you. It was probably one of the Pokemon scared away by the blast. You have a decision to make! Are you going to head into the forest or go after that Pokemon?!

Wild Pidgey appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
Hopping away!
“That was freaky,” I gaped after the obnoxious noise occurred. All sorts of alarm bells were going off in my head—though despite their cries I felt this undying sense of curiosity rising within me. You would think, after the incident in Andromeda Town, that I would have learned my lesson about following strange noises. But some part of me must have been dying to see the unknown. Perhaps this was an old habit. Perhaps it died hard.

Before I could move ahead, however, Blaze pointed out that bird… thing… What was that one called? Man, I feel like I should have something to help me identify these weird creatures. Like an encyclopedia, or something—a small one that you could fit in my pocket, you know?

Oh, right. The bird thing was getting away. Blaze was waiting (im)patiently for orders, and I knew I needed to do something quick. The choice was difficult to make—between following my weird sense of curiosity and a wild Pokémon—but let’s face it. I NEEDED to get team members. Badly.

After glancing at the forest with regret, I adjusted the baseball cap on my head and faced the bird.

“Alright, Blaze, let’s do this! Stop it quick with Smokescreen! But let’s not get carried away this time…”

“Char!” the lizard cried in agreement, excitement burning in his eyes. He was in a fair fight now, and I could see that he was prepared to prove himself.

The two of us raced towards the little brown bird. Before our approach could scare the thing off, Blaze blasted smoke at its eyes.

The Pidgey squawked in surprise—but with a quick flap of its wings, the smoke was dispersed. I blinked in surprise, while the bird glared at us angrily. Huh. Guess Smokescreen wasn’t going to help here… At least we got its attention. Though he looked ready to unleash his rage on us. Oops.

Screeching, the Pidgey launched itself at Blaze in a flurry of wind and feathers. The move was almost too quick to follow. Wait, too quick. Oh, that was a Quick Attack! Hey, I remembered something!

“Char!” Blaze’s cry of pain brought me back to reality, reminding me that now wasn’t the time to drift off in my thoughts. Problem was… Um… I wasn’t sure what other moves he might know. I bit my lip, knowing that my window of opportunity was closing. Come on! I had to do something!

Okay, so he’s obviously a fire-type. He might be too young for powerful moves, but he should at least know Ember, right? “Blaze, use Ember!”

The Charmander seemed relieved to receive an order. Shoving the bird’s beak away, he opened his mouth and breathed a stream of writhing flames. The attacking bird reeled back in alarm, its feathers singed.

“Good!” I pumped my fist victoriously, a sudden feeling of exuberance filling me. The next order came from my mouth with little thought, “Follow up with Scratch!”

Without batting an eye, Blaze obeyed. He swiped at the startled Pidgey with his claws, getting a good hit across its chest. Wow, we were doing pretty good, weren’t we? I wasn’t even sure where that last order came from. Maybe my old self was starting to kick in or something. That was good news.

The Pidgey recovered faster than I thought it would. Jumping back, it started flapping its wings furiously, kicking up a wind that tore at Blaze. The Charmander lifted a hand to shield himself from the dirt it kicked up, but a little too late it seemed. I could tell that some had gotten into his eyes; he would have a hard time seeing for a bit. Uh-oh…

“Blaze!” I called out. “Hang in there, buddy!”

After I spoke, the Pidgey followed up with another Quick Attack, knocking the little lizard back on his back. I was about to race forward when Blaze growled agitatedly. I stopped dead in my tracks as blue light sparked within his mouth. Just as the Pidgey was swooping in for another attack, Blaze opened his maw and a curious form of fire—energy… I wasn’t sure what it was—errupted from his throat.

The bird didn’t have time to alter its course. Despite being momentarily blinded, Blaze’s attack hit him straight on. It landed on the ground, its feathers blackened and its eyes bugging out in complete astonishment.

…What just happened?

“Er… Good job?” I hesitantly complimented Blaze. I guess now was my chance to catch it. While still trying to figure out what happened, I dug through my bag and pulled out a red and white sphere. I promptly threw it at the still bewildered Pidgey, holding my breath as it vanished into the capsule.

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