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He barely dared to look. She could barely hold still. Wings folded, FarFetch'd was released from the pause in time. She dropped to the ground, lifting lace within her claws. There was silence from Wing. Wing knew how dangerous silence was.

"Very good," was all Wing would say, though his malevolent gaze fixed on Wingia for a minute. Knowing*something*had to be coming, but not what, he simply waited. Wing, however, only drew away, recalling Golduck, and strode off.

The feeling of impending disaster hung over his head. Wing would certainly never let him get away before punishing him, especially now, but this didn't so much as occur to Wing at the moment. Instead, he recalled FarFetch'd, burrowing into his layers of clothes and hiding the Pokéball there, before taking off. Long legs, cramped from earlier work, responded reluctantly, but he pushed himself, trying to run faster. His ankles throbbed as his feet hit the ground, but the shock they absorbed spared his knees, which was important. Ankles were replacable, but one could not beg properly on their feet.

This wasn't really something he needed to avoid. Whatever else might come, however, was.

The fence came into sight too quickly. He had no way to get over it. FarFetch'd was called out unceremoniously, and before the bird had time to do anything at all, Wing grabbed onto its feet as it flew upwards, hoping it would understand enough to fly over the fence, to fly him away. At under three feet, however, and a mere 30-something pounds, FarFetch'd couldn't possibly carry his weight. The Pokémon's legs, blood flow already restricted by the bells attached tightly to them, simply fell back to earth with Wing.
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