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Tinkling echoed from bells tied to string, looped around legs, thread through two sets of three toes. FarFetch'd swung a rather dainty swathe of Rosebush in its mouth, the practical leek replaced with a rose. Little irritation points were clear on its beak, from the thorns, but the Pokemon was used to eating tough vegetation in time of hardship, and no blood dripped from the little wounds. Tough skin was not impervious, but it had survived so far.

"Fight," The Pokemon said, though Wing did not understand enough of its language to know this. He did, however, see his chance. The gift had been the sort one would give a young girl in her princess stage, but he was used to such mockery, intertwined as it was with periods of respect.

'Take what you can get and give nothing back,' He reminded himself grimly.
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