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Default Re: What Are You Playing Right Now?

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer because Bioware released a new multiplayer expansion: Retaliation. For those of you who care, this DLC made the multiplayer experience more difficult. I used to be able to solo an easy match as the Geth Engineer (I can deploy a turret to fire rockets and a close range flamethrower), now I have to be in a full squad of 4 on easy and I still wind up dying. They gave Cerberus a broken enemy with like, Force Lightning style whips, apparently the Geth got a floating thing that drops bombs, they didn't add anything to the Reapers which scares me because that means that they probably buffed their stats, and they added a new enemy faction: The Collectors. Really goes against canon because the Collectors shouldn't exist in 3. Things happened in 2.


That big thing on the top left is a Scion. In 2 they were really annoying. They would just unleash a Shockwave that would instantly drain your shields and leave your arse hanging out for other things to kill you. Now they just fire 3 rockets at a time or 5 grenades at once from their arm cannon.

The big purple thing on the top right is a Praetorian. They were nightmarish in 2; They're worse in 3. They used to slowly float around and zap you with a laser beam. Now they zoom around the map like they're on crack, have an unbreakable barrier protecting them while in the air, and fire a constant beam that you can't escape from.

Really the big things are the only things that scare me...
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