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Default [SHOP] Dr. Ant2011's Trainer Laboratory

You there! Yes, you! Hello! Come in! Don't mind the operation tools behind me, I have no intention of hurting you, yet... Anyway, with the excess of, er, kind donors, I have more trainer parts than I know what to do with. So for now, I'm offering my services to you! Don't worry, this is perfectly legal in 2 countries so don't worry!

"Well, what can you do, Doc?"

By george I'm glad you asked! I can combine several parts together to create a completely custom trainer, or if you'd like I can simply change a few colors on an already existing one. I cannot, however, alter bone structure. Meaning I can't scratch or repose. I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker.

"Sounds pretty cool, Doc, but I'd kinda like to see some of your work..."

Of course! Where are my manners. If you'll look in here, I think you'll be most pleased with my previous accomplishments.

"Oh boy! I want one!"

Slow down there you eager little runt, there's this fantastic little thing called "paperwork" that one must fill out depending on their request.

1) What sprite you want recolored. (Diamond and pearl bug catcher, Gym leader Skyla, Black and White Breeder, etc... All my sprites are separated by game. Yes I have trainer sprites from B2 and W2 including all the region gym leaders.)
2) What you would like recolored. The hair, the shirt, the pants. I can do themed recolors, like a Blastoise or a Blaziken themed recolor.

1) Gender
2) Anything specific, like parts to use. As stated above, my trainers are separated by game. So just tell me something like "Use the head from the heart gold hero and the body from the diamond hero"
3) The color that you want the parts to be. Something like "Make the hair pink and the hat gray" will suffice.

When requesting a fusion, please understand that most sprites are posed differently, so I may have to find an alternative if something doesn't look right.


Finished requests:
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