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Originally Posted by Ridley View Post
omg rmt
Lucario lv24
Magnemite lv23
Dewott lv22
Sandile lv24
Eevee lv21

also not sure what to evolve eevee into
ok here we go man let's do this
you don't wanna go with vaporeon son they're just no use you already got dewott man you're good there plus you already have sandile so that's 3/6 of your end party being weak to grass ya dig

jolteon's a semi decent choice you got mostly physical pokemon and jolteon could balance that out a little but hey magnemite pretty much fulfills the same role dude GET ANOTHER SPECIAL POKEMON BRO

blah blah flareon (type-wise a solid choice) blah blah umbreon (well you don't have a whole lot of tankage going on and umbreon could fit into that role but then you got 2 dark types and 2 steel types LIKE WOW 4 POKEMON WEAK TO FIGHTING BAD IDEA)

i have no idea whether you can get glaceon or leafeon before beating the elite four but glaceon wouldn't be a bad choice but that's also 3/6 weak to fighting

basically where I'm going with this is get espeon because it does the best job of balancing out your weaknesses and you need another special mon ok have fun

also 100% agree with what you said about riolu I'm just waiting for mine to level 20..............................................,
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