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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze)
Currently: Walking

I made it!

Sweet glorious Arceus, I finally made it!

I hiked down the road between the trunks of massive trees, counting my lucky stars. After a little hold-up in Andromeda Town, my Starter and I were finally starting our journey together. The little Charmander was out of his Poke Ball, looking squeaky clean as he walked beside me. The folks back at the PC in Andromeda Town had kindly washed him after our unfortunate encounter with an enraged Electrivire.

Now, we were ready for whatever other adventures would come our way. Hopefully, we would be able to add more members to our little team!

...Hopefully, we wouldn't get arrested again anytime soon...

"What kind of Pokemon do you think live out here?" I wondered out loud to my little lizard.

"Char," Blaze shrugged. Of course, he probably had never been down this road either.

"Well... hopefully I'll be able to recognize some of them, if we do run into any," I frowned back. "...Hopefully..."
Official's Post

You journey down Route 1, relieved to have made it even this far after your harrowing first experience with an enraged Electivire. You wonder if all the Pokemon in Celestia are that strong. What if there's something big and dangerous lurking around the next corner?!


Something way out in the forest falls to the ground with a massive boom. The screeching of Pokemon echoes around you as birds take to the air and all manner of land creatures flee from the impact. Blaze crouches into battle mode immediately, looking for any danger.

Then everything goes quiet again. The Pokemon stop squawking. It's almost as if nothing happened...

You wonder what could be going on over in the forest, but there's no clear path in that direction. You would have to fight your way through the thick undergrowth and who knows what's out there!

Before you can make up your mind, Blaze nudges you and points further up the route. A small bird is hopping up the path away from you. It was probably one of the Pokemon scared away by the blast. You have a decision to make! Are you going to head into the forest or go after that Pokemon?!

Wild Pidgey appeared! Write a paragraph about the battle if you want to catch it!
Hopping away!
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