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Default Re: Favorite/Least Favorite New Feature of Black 2/White 2

Originally Posted by Starbom View Post
That's what Unova Link does?! Wow, awesome.. So no more "you remind me of that trainer from 2 years ago"? :O
Yeah, and it triggers a few cutscenes, like after you do the save file transfer, there's a breeder in Aspertia city. You talk to him and get a cool cutscene. There are about 8 in total, but only 2 or 3 apply to your old player. Plus you can battle Cheren and Bianca with their old teams after beating the elite four. You also get your old props from your previous game too. The best part of that I discovered by accident, You can capture the Pokemon N released. I found his old Sigilyph and had to look it up to confirm that it was a memory link only thing.

I really hope GF does this during Gen6, but puts your old trainer in a Mt. Silver type location with the current party to battle after the elite 4.
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