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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire]
Currently: Chasing after Bushfire.

The purple lights began to fade as I continued down the South Annexe. However, a Litwick suddenly appeared and freaked us all out by letting out a high pitched giggle.

"Hey, Eti," Pleasant whispered to me, trying to keep close. "As much as I hate Ghost types, maybe we should follow this Litwick. They might lead us to the librarian."

Before I had a chance to respond, Bushfire bounced out of my hat and onto the ground in front of the Litwick, which began to float away. Bushfire quickly chased after the candle Pokemon, letting out soft cries as it edged further away from me. It quickly ran away from view.

"Argh, Bushfire!" I yelled at the Sewaddle, chasing after it. I'd only had the darn bug one day and it was already rebelling against me!

I ran between the bookshelves, trying to find my beloved bug and the librarian that inhabited this place. What on earth are those Litwick doing? The dusty library was already making my lungs feel like death. And now I had to exercise them via running.
Official's Post:

You race after the Litwick and manage to catch up to Bushfire. You scoop up the little bug in your arms. It seems to snap out of its daze when it looks up at you.

Litwick stops moving for a moment and looks back at you. "Lit, litwick," it says, continuing forward again. You're feeling so tired from that run, more tired than usual even with the stale air in your lungs. You almost want to sit down and rest for a moment, but if you lose sight of Litwick you might never find the librarian in the dark.

You follow the little flame Pokemon around the shelves and find yourself in a study area filled with tables and chairs. This is probably the most open part of the library. Litwick leads you to the center of the room, its flame casting strange shadows on the walls. Once there, it stops, turns around and looks directly at you. "Lit, litwick?" it says more softly. Something seems to be wrong. Litwick begins to panic and the flame on its head goes out with a woosh, plunging you into darkness.

Behind you a bright light suddenly flares into life. You see your own shadow projected on the wall opposite.

"Lurrrrreee," a voice chimes. You spin around to see a strange, bulbous Pokemon with candle holder arms. A number of bright flames sprout from its body. You look around for Litwick, but it's no where to be seen!

Though this thing is frightening, you feel somehow calm. Maybe you're just so tired from this whole ordeal that nothing more could worry you. You feel a kind of tugging sensation in your chest as the Chandelure's creepy hollow eyes begin to glow. You slump against the chair behind you as all strength seems to leave your body.

Bushfire jumps from your arms and looks back and forth between you and the Chandelure. You can tell the poor thing is panicking. "Luuuure," Chandelure cries, blasting the Sewaddle with a stream of flame from its arm. The poor Pokemon doesn't have a chance. It disappears in the flames... for good. Bushfire is no where to be found!

At that moment, there is a loud bang from the other side of a bookshelf. The Chandelure looks up immediately and begins to wander towards the noise, leaving you alone. You feel some strength return to your body as it leaves the immediate area.

Once Chandelure is gone, Litwick reappears from behind a bookshelf. "Lit, litwick," it cries, looking distraught. Its small eyes suddenly begin to glow blue. You know this move, it's using Psychic!

You brace for pain, but nothing comes. Strange images begin to fill your mind. You look down at Litwick and realise it must be trying to communicate, like your Natu did earlier.

In your head you see a young man sitting in a desk at the library. He wears old style clothes, this must have happened a long time ago. A hundred of the same images flick through your mind, each one at a slightly different time. It seems whoever this person is visited the library a lot...

The next series of images show the man at home. A young child and a Chandelure play together. But the child collapses on the ground. A woman comes in and argues with the man.

"It's that horrible Pokemon!" she yells. "You know Chandelure suck the life force from people! It's not safe! You have to release it now!"

The image fades to black. The next one shows the man back at the library in his usual spot. He stands up, takes a Luxury Ball from his pocket and hides it behind the books.

"I'll come back for you, when Emily's a little older. Don't worry Chandelure," he says. "Don't worry, I'll come back." Everything goes black again.

The image changes again, and surprisingly this time you see yourself. Your hand brushes the Luxury Ball. The lights go out in the library. Inside its ball, Chandelure awakens from a hundred year sleep. You see yourself slump over the table, clutching the ball. Your Pokemon follow, splayed on the table by your side. Strange... you can't remember that happening? While you're unconscious, Chandelure releases itself from the Luxury Ball and looks down at you. It seems angry that you're not its trainer. It begins to chant, pulling you from your body as a ghost. Your ghost form acts as if nothing strange has happened, and returns the Luxury Ball to its spot. Chandelure disappears before your ghost-self notices...

A light springs into life from the other end of the library. Your ghost-Pokemon follow your ghost-self slowly toward the light...
The images disappear.

Litwick's eyes fade back to black as it finishes the attack. "Lit, litwick?" it asks, wondering if you understood everything it said.

You're a ghost. You awakened a centuries-old Pokemon. It is angry. And the only way to stop it is to find that Luxury Ball and return it to its prison.

Litwick begins to glow again, this time a ghostly purple. You feel some of your strength return. Pleasant hovers protectively by your side. Can a ghost have a ghost-form? Who knows!

Litwick looks up at you determinedly. "Lit litwick," it says, offering its help. The flame on its head remains unlit to that you are not immediately visible in the dark. You don't know what distracted it, but you hope Chandelure won't be coming back for you any time soon.

Now where did you leave that Luxury Ball?

Litwick temporarily joined your party.

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