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Originally Posted by mintjelly View Post
Trainer: Minty
Party: Ralts, Minccino, Nincada, Shuppet
Currently: Battling Bellsprout

Minty lets go of the Bellsprout.
"Yes, a new Pokemon! Twister, use sing!" the trainer shouts at her Minccino.
Twister begins to sing, sending the Bellsprout into a deep sleep.
"Now, use swift!"
Twister swings his body; it's tail swiftly hitting the Bellsprout.
"Good job Twister! Pokeball, go!"
Minty throws the Pokeball at the Bellsprout.
Official's Post:

Yep, just as expected, you're a brute. You viciously beat up the helpless Bellsprout as if you were taking revenge against it stealing all of your lunch money. Poor thing.

Shoot! It was so close, too!

As the Bellsprout escapes from the ball, it sees its opportunity to get as far away from you as possible - it flees. But not before letting out a shrill cry that'd let anything at least a mile away know of its pain and misery.

This cry seems to have attracted you some visitors. The ground begins to vibrate as a huge swarm of Pokemon begin to bounce towards you from the forest that surrounds you. They all circle you and your team, clearly very mad at the way you so savagely attacked one of their kind.

Wild Victreebel appeared!
Surrounding you, very angry
Cannot be captured.

The Victreebel hiss at you and your Pokemon. They look like they're about to strike.
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