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Default Re: Zenith Town

Trainer: Eti Molo

[Monster | Salsa | Pleasant | Bushfire]
Currently: Chasing after Bushfire.

The purple lights began to fade as I continued down the South Annexe. However, a Litwick suddenly appeared and freaked us all out by letting out a high pitched giggle.

"Hey, Eti," Pleasant whispered to me, trying to keep close. "As much as I hate Ghost types, maybe we should follow this Litwick. They might lead us to the librarian."

Before I had a chance to respond to Pleasant's odd comment, Bushfire bounced out of my hat and onto the ground in front of the Litwick, which began to float away. Bushfire quickly chased after the candle Pokemon, letting out soft cries as it edged further away from me. The green worm quickly ran away from view.

"Argh, Bushfire!" I yelled at the Sewaddle, chasing after it. I'd only had the darn bug one day and it was already rebelling against me!

I ran between the bookshelves, trying to find my beloved bug and the librarian that inhabited this place. What on earth are those Litwick doing? The dusty library was already making my lungs feel like death. And now I had to exercise them via running - the hard floor hurt my feet as they continued to thud around.

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