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Default Re: Favorite/Least Favorite New Feature of Black 2/White 2

Originally Posted by Ant2011 View Post
Favorite new feature:
Unova Link to link with either Black or White so your old trainer's name will be dropped a few times during the game, a few side events will be activated, and you can capture some of N's Pokemon. It's really cool yo.

Least favorite:
Breeding restriction. I'm a breeder, so not being able to breed for best nature until AFTER the E4 just makes me upset...
That's what Unova Link does?! Wow, awesome.. So no more "you remind me of that trainer from 2 years ago"? :O

Repels can be chained so you dont have to open inventory for each time you use one... Also, the shards for move tutors.

Least Fave:
New items go to bottom of inv/sorting order is annoying. I prefer old ways. No new sprites for pokemon. Something else that I cant think of...
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