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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Well you are allowed to have your pokemon do stuff in your story with you and do stuff like have there own interdependent thoughts and actions. :) Emoon and CM do that. Now your character would not be able to "talk " to pokemon, maybe if one of your pokemon where trying to singal him or her she would get it. Kinda like ash understand his pokemon, but you cant talk to them and have them talk back.
Of course we do. It makes for a better story, plus time and again we've seen Pokemon act on their own in the show.

Now to talk about something Dragotech said. Pokemon can talk to one another, even though thus far we haven't had a conversation between two Pokemon. We know they understand each other. I mean Meowth can translate whatever any Pokemon says. The only thing is that a human cannot understand a Pokemon unless they have a certain gift, but it is extremely rare and Dredd has to approve of it first. I talked to him a bit about my character and her gift, so don't hesitate to talk to him about ideas you have.
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