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Default Re: Where to buy Black and White 2 in Australia!

Originally Posted by Neptune's Disciple View Post
Looks like I'll be off to Big W then! I promised myself I wouldn't buy them until this semester is over (last semester of my Masters WOOOOOOOOOOOO) buttttttttt I've never been one to keep the promises that I make to myself... aaaaaand I'm pretty keen to smash some plasma butt... So I may pop over this weekend.

PS. Grace! Didn't know you were a fellow 'strayan! (Say it outloud if you haven't heard/seen it before). Look at us go, taking over the forum little bit at a time (well you two are anyway, my near 4 year absence kinda killed my dreams of domination).

- ND
Haha I'm sure it'll be a great distraction. What are you doing masters in? One good thing about doing postgrad is no exams at this time of the year. Relly glad otherwise I would have gotten no studying done. They pick the worst time to release games!
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