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Default Re: Ideas for PE2K!

Why do you like PE2K?

Pe2k has always been like a second home to me, ever since I started here 4 years ago. Everyone is just so friendly and nice - I feel like I'm not only part of a Community, but a family whenever I come here. Also, were it not for Pe2k, my love for Pokemon would have died out a few years back.

What is it about the site/forum that you most enjoy?

Just how everyone is like a family. New members are kindly informed of where they've gone wrong in their posts, bots are becoming fewer and fewer and I just enjoy the website as a whole. It's hard to describe really - I've just become attached to this site.

What would you like to see pop up on our site/forum?

Wow, this is a tough cookie to crack. Just randomly pop up? A Unicorn. Trololol (I had to be silly at least once with this! xD). But no, really, I'd like to see more things to do here. These Events we've had for Keldeo and Meloetta have just been outstanding, but whenever we're not at WAR and there are no Events, the site dies down and becomes quiet again. I'd love to see this bustling 24/7 :)

If you could change an aspect of PE2K for the better, what would it be?

Navigation. Whenever I'd try to introduce someone new to the Forum, they're always intimidated by what they see - all of the Sections. They don't know where to go, what to do, and they panic and leave. I know navigation is easy for us, and seems pretty simple at first, but somehow making it simpler, or even having a step-by-step guides on how to start up here could help. I dunno, I'm shooting wildly here xD

But yeah - I love this Forum to pieces. I hope to still be here when I'm much more older :)


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