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Originally Posted by Morph View Post
"Uh-oh." I think to myself as an enraged mankey prepares to attack, not only am i out of breath unable to shout out commands but it clearly has the type advantage over my pokemon. I muster up any strength that i can and yell out in a weak voice."Mincc...Pound!" Luckicly Minccino understood my weak cry, i try to catch my breath as Minccino charges the Mankey. I knew Mankey was physically stronger than my pokemon but there was one thing i was sure about, he isn't as fast as mine. Minccino jumps up to deliver a punch but is met with a swift Karate Chop to the back of the head and is slammed hard to the ground.

"Minccino!" I yell out hoping that she is ok, i see her trying to get up but i decide to call her back into her pokeball. "Enough Minccino you did good, its up to you now Snorunt." Snorunt steps up as Minccino is returned to the pokeball. "Snorunt use Double Team then Icy Wind." Snorunt surrounds Mankey with after images but mankey uses Low Kick and Snorunt falls to the ground. Snorunt gets up, the damage isnt much, and starts its Icy Wind attack. Theres a strong gust of wind thats blown at Mankey parts of its body begins to show thin patches of ice. I yell out for another Double Team. "Snorunt quick Double Team." Mankey continues to Karate Chops the images one after the each more wildly then the next, he is full of rage. "Snorunt go for Powder Snow." "Snorunt calls for another gust of wind but this is much colder, snow is clearly visible, as the wind strikes the enraged Mankey ice begins to craw up its body. He makes his way towards Snorunt in a quick dash and hits with a Karate Chop, he stops as the ice continues to envelop until he is completely frozen.

I run to check on Snorunt, I sigh in relief that snorunt is inno danger. "!?!" I hear a tumbling noise and turn around. The frozen Mankey is starting to shake. "No way! We're no match lets get out of here." I run with snorunt in hand and i dont stop till my lungs are empty again. Snorunt hops down from my arms fully recovered, i release Minccinco to check on its health it starts hopping up and down as its released. "I guess your ok then, huh whats that." It seems Minccinco grabbed the coin purse when she got slammed down.

"Oh wow i wonder whats inside if there a name or something we could try and find the owner i just hope that mankey doesnt come looking for this.

*We open up the coin purse to find...*
Official's Post:

You run away from the slowly thawing Mankey as fast as you can, hoping Snorunt's icy attacks will hold out until you escape. When you finally feel safe, you stop and open the coin purse carefully. Inside is a Level Ball and 5 stars. Quite strange items for a Mankey to be carrying...

There's no name on the purse, but there is a small "G" scratched onto the back of the leather. Who knows what that means!

You continue down Route 2, glad that the whole ordeal with Mankey is over.

Unbeknownst to you, up in the trees a mile back is a very angry little Pokemon. It crouches on a tree branch and looks out over the route.. In its small Mankey mind it vows to get its revenge, and then disappears back into the forest...

Bando found a Level Ball and 5 stars!

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