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Default Re: [Crossover] Interlinked [FF/PKMN] (SU/DS)

Yayz! :3 I might wait to see if Winter posts with Jovi soon, so I can post Zayna's and Cheren's parts together ^^ Ahhhhh, I wanna know! :3 But I'll wait whileImakeSomeAdjustmentsToCheren'sHiddenCameracou gh ^^

I'm hoping my game comes real soon--I feel like I'm missing out on half the fun here ^^' BUT yes! I will definitely post there when I can! :D Hahaha, yeah, you wouldn't want to go to her dark side... She might torture you with PDFs and Math ;)

Oh, I see. Wonder why that is? :o I hope I can find one with Intimidate :x Wait, how did she jinx you? xD

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