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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Mienfoo (F)
Ability: Regenerator
Obtained: Here
Signature Attack: Xingyiquan
Meinfoo and Meinshao are among the most practiced fighting types in regards to special attacks and concentration; while that is convenient against many durable foes their physical strength still is their most potent offense. Xingyiquan is a very precise technique designed to use bursts of energy combined with physical blows in order to overwhelm defensive foes while drawing from the user's more powerful strength. Most Meinfoo and Meinshao choose not to master the technique due to the time involved to do so and that the irregular energy bursts can quickly exhaust the user.
Type: Fighting
Base Power: 130
Accuracy: 90%
Classification: Physical (direct contact)
Energy Modifier: 0
Impact: Single Target
Priority: 0
Effects: Damage based on Target's Special Defense, -2 Attack for user
Usage Gap: Once per round

Castform (M)
Obtained: see Marm
Ability: Forecast
Signature Attack: Lee Wave
Tired of being at the mercy of the weather, Galdandy developed a technique loosely based on Tailwind and Clear Smog to ensure that he sees clear skies. Galdandy whips up a powerful gust which blasts towards the upper atmosphere, causing severe turbulence (above all but the highest flying pokemon). The initial blast is not powerful enough to cause any harm to Pokemon but will blow away whatever they may have placed one the field as well as providing a quick distraction from the battle. The following turbulence prevents clouds from gathering while causing enough disruption to weaken the sun's rays.
Type: Flying
Base Power: N/A
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 10%
Impact: Entire Field
Priority: 0
Effects: Removes all Weather Conditions, Entry Hazards, Stat Modifiers, Room Effects (Trick Room, Gravity, Tailwind,Reflect, ect.), Minor Status Conditions (Leech Seed, Confusion, Aqua Ring, Partial Trapping, Taunt, ect.) and whatever the referee may choose to include. This does not apply to major status conditions and Perish Song. Prevents a change in weather for the remainder of the round it is used in as well as the following round.
Usage Gap: Once per round followed by a two round cooldown beginning after weather can be activated again.

Hoppip (F)
Obtained: see Galdandy
Ability: Chlorophyll
Signature Move: Drift
Generally Hoppip, Skiploom, and Jumpluff follow the strongest breeze though with a little effort they can sense and ride the various weaker air currents around them. Merle is particularly sensitive to these currents and with a little concentration can ride even the most minute of air currents, harmlessly drifting away from most oncoming attacks as they displace the air around them.
Type: Flying
Base Power: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 8%
Impact: User
Priority: 4
Effects: During the action following this action, if conditions give an action targeting the user a possibility of missing they will miss. Attempts to use this after Drift, Protect, Wide Guard, Detect, Quick Guard or Endure have successfully been used will fail, and all of the previously listed actions will fail if attempted to be used after this action has been successfully used. Hurricane, Gust, Twister, Leaf Tornado, and whatever else the referee deems fit are not affected by this action. This action fails if used while under the effects of Telekinesis or Gravity.
Usage Gap: Technically none, but will fail during conditions stated in the effects.