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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Ah, crud.

I am officially the worst Trainer ever. I haven’t had that Charmander for more than half an hour and already I lost him.

“Er,” I sputtered at the girl, holding out a finger. “Could you... Could you excuse me for a moment?”

I laughed sheepishly before darting anxiously back inside. I raced past the displays on the first floor without a second glance and shot up the staircase quicker than… er, that fast Pokemon I can’t remember the name of. The instant I entered the second floor, I was hit with a wall of black smoke. Blaze had certainly kept up that smokescreen. Thanks to his efforts, it was now impossible to see anything. At all.

I choked on the thick black smoke, but didn’t turn back. “Blaze!” I called out. “Blaze, return!”

From somewhere in the smog, a weak cry called out, “Char!”

Soon, an orange figure materialized before me. There he was!

“Good work, Blaze,” I congratulated him between coughs. “Let’s get out of here!”

The Charmander was more than happy to oblige. Cautiously, I peered back out into the smoke. Blue light flickered at its center, where I’m sure a very unhappy Electrivire seethed. Without wasting any more time, we darted back to the stairs—and back outside where that little girl hopefully still waited. I had better make sure she was okay…

And, perhaps, get her to answer some questions. What had she been doing up there? And how did that Electrivire get so wound up?
Official's Post:

Don't be so hard on yourself. I remember this one kid that took their Pikachu through an entire lightning storm and almost got their Pokemon killed in a fight with Spearow. So in comparison, you're off to a flying start.

"W-where are you going?" the girl asks you as you dash back into the tower. "Wow, she must really have a death-wish."

You retrieve your Charmander heroically. The salamander sure is grateful that you rescued it - although a nice bath would be in order, for it is covered in a thick layer of fine soot. Just because it makes the smoke doesn't mean it doesn't get a little dirty too, you know?

You flee from the tower, adrenaline once again fuelling your escape. Outside, both you and your Pokemon panting this time, your eyes fall upon the small girl once more.

Before you know it, however, you hear the sound of sirens blazing in the distance. Police cars begin to approach and surround the lighthouse, lights still flickering red and blue. Yikes.

"Don't move!" one particularly burly cop yells at you from a bullhorn as he emerges from his cop car. "Recall your Pokemon to your Poke Balls and put your hands in the air!"

Now, you're convinced you're an innocent in this unfortunate series of events. However, you definitely couldn't afford to spend time in jail, especially not with a memory to restore. You can comply or you can attempt to flee. Remember - you are responsible for your own actions.

The little girl looks at you, then at the cop, then back to you with fear. You almost see a little hint of the pressure of the situation crack on her face.
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