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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: In hot pursuit!

oh no you don't

you hop onto your skateboard and off the bridge, onto the river. you let Brobat out to pull you along, effectively surfing. if your mind wasn't on other things, you'd probably be excited over just how cool this is.

as the winds that Brobat continues to kick up allow you to catch up to the rogue Wooper, you send out UNREAL AIR the Hoppip to deal with it.

> UNREAL AIR: Use Mega Drain!

as UNREAL AIR sucks energy from the Wooper, it grows too tired to expend the energy to keep swimming. it turns around and spits water at UNREAL AIR. knowing that not many of Wooper's moves will do much to harm to a Hoppip, you return it and send out your newly caught Aipom. you have chosen an appropriate nickname for the final boss that you were lucky enough to capture.

> God: Use Fury Swipes, and grab that Old Rod!

your powerful final boss of an Aipom leaps off and attacks the Wooper, leaving scratches all over its face to get its attention and then stretching its tail around to grab the Rod. God leaps back onto your shoulder.

after securing the Rod, you toss out a Lure Ball, which after sucking the Wooper in, luckily floats as it shakes...
Official's Post:

Inside the Wooper goes...


Steak captured the wild Wooper!

You're becoming quite the little Johto hunter, aren't you? Of course, not everything is peachy clean. Sure, Poke Balls float on water. But this also makes them susceptible to current.

The Lure Ball begins to float away when suddenly-


A wild Whiscash appeared!
Swallowed the Lure Ball whole
Cannot be captured.

You've got a real problem on your hands. How on earth are you going to retrieve your Wooper now? I mean, you're not even sure when the last time that thing even went. Sticking around to wait for...remains...could take hours!

You better think quickly. That Whiscash looks like it's getting away.
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