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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

“Tired?” Kotomi heard Ichiru ask Aiden from the couch, bringing the young Vampire to walk over to the two.

“It doesn’t feel like I have to right to be.” Aiden responded. No one else saw Abigail and Scarlet nod their heads at each other since everyone was doing their own thing at the moment, Kotomi sitting on the couch next to Aiden.

"You're tired? Your snoring kept me up last night." Kotomi said jokingly as she turned her body around and rested her legs on Aiden's lap, leaning over and gave him a kiss. By now Meredith, Elijah and Kevin left the house to go stock up on some more blood pouches while Ashley sat at the kitchen table with her children, the brunette giving her children a smile as they ate their snack. Damon and Diana made their way into the library on the other side of the house so Diana could work on some homework, while Stefan and Lexi took a walk outside together. That left Kol to join Ichiru, Aiden and Kotomi in the living room while Isobel and Bonnie were organizing her medical bag, the Original sitting in the armchair with a sigh. Caroline remained asleep for now, though her body was still stable.

"I really need a girlfriend or something. This is just sad." Kol sighed.

"You attract girls within a five foot radar at school, but you always turn them down." Kotomi teased as she looked at the much older Vampire.

"Oh, I love someone, but she's already taken." Kol responded as Kotomi looked at him in confusion.

"Really? Who?" Kotomi asked. Kol locked eyes with Kotomi for a few moments, then over to Aiden before looking back to Kotomi a few moments later.

"No one. It doesn't matter." Kol said with a shake of his head. "She's happily taken, so I'm not going to get in between them." Kol stood up without another word, walking out of the house for some fresh air.

"That was weird..." Kotomi said, though concern could be heard in her voice. Kotomi had no idea that the girl Kol was talking about was actually her.

"I want to play in the snow." Abigail announced from the kitchen table. The front door opened then before Ashley could respond, bringing Mason to enter the house.

"Holy crap. Even for a Hybrid it's cold outside." Mason said, looking over to Aiden, Ichiru and Kotomi. "Where's Diana? I'd figured she'd be here." Mason said with a small laugh.

"She's in the library doing some homework." Kotomi responded.

"Oh okay, thanks." Mason said, heading towards the library. It was then that Kotomi realized that Diana and Damon could had been in the middle of kissing instead of Damon helping Diana with her homework, bringing her to quickly send Damon a telepathic message that Mason was coming. Damon and Diana were in fact kissing, Damon quickly pulling away from Diana and standing up to the other side of the room.

"What's wrong?" Diana asked in confusion. Damon pointed to the library's door, where Mason entered a few moments later as Damon quickly let down his hand.

"Hey. Work was extremely slow from the weather so I closed up early." Mason said as he gave Diana a smile, who returned it with a small one of her own. Mason purposely avoided eye contact with Damon, prompting him to leave the room silently.

"We need to talk, Mase." Diana said.

"Is everything okay?" Mason asked in concern. Diana looked down, standing up from the couch her and Damon were just sitting on and walked towards the door.

"Let's go outside." Diana said, Mason nodding as the two crossed the house and walked outside. Damon stood at the bar and poured himself a glass of Brandy, looking at the group.

"Let the fun begin." Damon said, downing his glass.

"What's uncle Damon talking about?" Scarlet asked.

"You'll find out in a few minutes." Ashley responded, forcing out a smile. Outside, Diana told Mason everything; the pregnancy and deciding to get back together with Damon. When yelling could then be heard Damon walked outside, seeing that Mason was grabbing Diana's arm with anger.

"I suggest you let her go before I rip out your heart." Damon said calmly, giving Mason one of his smirks.

"So you're really leaving me for him? Even though you're pregnant with my child?" Mason growled as he let go of Diana's arm.

"I'm sorry Mason. Damon and I were meant to be together." Diana said as she looked down. Mason shook his head in anger as he paced back and forth, looking up to Diana.

"I don't want Damon anywhere near the baby."

"You can't do that." Diana growled.

"Yes I can, since I'm that child's father." Mason growled back.

"He's just being a d*ck, Diana. Let's go back inside so you don't get sick or get stressed for the baby." Damon said as Diana walked towards the Vampire.

"You don't get a say for what's best for the baby." Mason snarled.

"Well guess what? I just did. I know that you're the birth father and all, but the way you're acting right now isn't good for Diana or the baby." Damon responded.

"And what? You're going to step up and be a father to the baby as well? A baby that's not even yours?" Mason challenged as he crossed his arms.

"I already made that decision when Diana and I got back together." Damon responded back. "If you want to be a d*ck, then fine, but just know if you keep acting like this then I'm sure Diana is going to fight for full custody. So if I were you, I think you should keep your mouth shut and calm down."

"Oh yeah?" Mason said as he used his Vampire speed and punched Damon right in the face, who fell to the ground.

"Stop it!" Diana yelled as Mason then kicked Damon on the side of the ribs. Isobel and Bonnie hurried outside as Diana looked at Mason, the young Witch concentrating as pain suddenly shot through Mason's head.

"Damn it Diana..." Mason growled as he held his head, Diana stopping the connection as she glared at him.

"Just leave." Diana ordered, watching as Mason stubbornly got into his car and left. Once he was out of sight Diana turned her attention back to Damon, who was standing up from the ground.

"Are you okay?" Isobel asked.

"I'm fine." Damon nodded, giving out a sigh as Diana wrapped her arms around the Vampire.
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