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Default Re: Ideas for PE2K!

1) I like Pe2K because the community is diverse in its opinions, desires, and interests in Pokemon. The fact that they are friendly invites people to learn about Pokemon, and there is a lot to learn.

2) I most enjoy the Interactive Boards. They enable the incredibly talented people on the board to produce works of art and entertaining new ideas for everyone else in the forum to participate in, or to simply marvel at.

3) I think it would be interesting if Pokemon Elite 2000 would open an active Youtube channel, with members participating, and an adamant leader that is persistent and won't cease to present the site and forum's content.

4) I would personally change minor forum policy. Certain rules concerning posting in old boards, in my opinion, are unnecessary or malformed. Finding more direct ways to integrate the forum and the actual website together would also be a priority for me.
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