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Default Ideas for PE2K!

Do you have ideas for PE2K?

With BW2 being/about to be launched worldwide, there is a lot going on. The hype for Pokemon is stronger than ever as trainers will be making their way through the first true Pokemon Sequal ever.

As such, I was thinking, and you should too!
  • Why do you like PE2K?
  • What is it about the site/forum that you most enjoy?
  • What would you like to see pop up on our site/forum?
  • If you could change an aspect of PE2K for the better, what would it be?

I ask all of our active members to have a serious think about these questions and post a response below. I know I am new, and truthfully don't spend as much time on the forums as I really should do. But, I think, the best thing a site can do is listen to their fan base and work off their opinions.

So I am asking anyone who has ever had a good time on PE2K to take the above 4 questions into deep consideration.

Now is a time of change, it's crunch time!


An initiative for Pokémon fans in Australia.
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