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Official's Post:

You place the Luxury Ball back on the shelf, but nothing immediately noticeable happens. You walk towards the West Annexe with your Pokemon. You wonder if it's common for the library to get black outs. Maybe the librarian is fixing it right now...

Before you reach the West Annexe you hear a strange sound behind you. Something short and high pitched, could it be... a giggle?!

You immediately turn, but there is nothing behind you besides shelves and shelves of books. Wondering if you imagined it, you continue toward the West Annexe. As soon as you step through the doorway, the purple light begins to move further away between the ceiling-high shelves. To your right is the desk you passed on the way in and the exit to the library. You could just leave now, if you wanted... What will you do?!

Tiny pulls on the large, ornate door handle to open the giant wooden library doors. Surprisingly, it seems to be locked! A sign in the dusty window states that the library is closed on Wednesdays... but today's Wednesday! And you could have sworn that you saw Eti go off in this direction earlier...

You wonder whether you should just forget about visiting the library, but then your Eevee darts past you towards side of the building. Oh dear, you thought Eevee was over this running away business!

You quickly follow and find that Eevee has led you to a side door which says Maintenance. You try the handle and it seems to be unlocked! Inside it is dark and filled with cleaning and gardening equipment. Another door on the other side of the small room seems to lead further into the library. You're pretty sure you're not supposed to enter this way and that you could probably get thrown in jail for trespassing if you do. But who doesn't like a bit of adventure?!

What will you do?
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Entering the Library

Tiny Goes into the Library and let's out Spookey sinces it is dark and he is a ghost type he will love it
Turns to Eveevee and say's to her that she is getting the blame for but she doesn't need to worry if we get in trouble with the police i get Spookey to play a nasty prank on them ;)
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