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Originally Posted by Pokemon Breeder Dustin View Post
Trainer: Dustin

Currently: Moving along Route 2

"... ... !!!"

Dustin happily picks up the stars, stashing them in his bag, and hugs Litwick tightly. The group continues on.
Official's Post:

You continue down the path, happy with your recent find. You're rich! Almost... Your Pokemon seem pretty happy too. So far no ill has befallen you on your perfect journey to Route 2.

But that's all about to change! Out of nowhere, a cream and brown blur dashes across your path, swiping your newly found stars from your hand and landing in front of you with an evil grin. The Buneary wears a red headband and it looks tough. Your Minccino immediately jumps to the ground in front of you, ready to defend you from this ferocious opponent.

"Bun! Bun!" Buneary scowls angrily, dropping your Minccino with one beautifully aimed Jump Kick. The Buneary begins bouncing away down the path, still carrying your bag of stars. Uh-oh, Minccino has been knocked out, looks like it's up to your other Pokemon to save the day!

Wild Buneary appeared! Dustin lost 20 stars.
Bouncing away!

Write a paragraph to get your stars back! You may attempt to catch Buneary if you wish!

Originally Posted by Morph View Post
Trainer: Bando
Party: Snorunt, Minccino
Currently: Just arrived on Route 2

"Finally we made it to route 2 lets keep going."
Official's Post:
You enter Route 2 and take a moment to enjoy the beautiful forest surrounding you. Just as you take a big breath of fresh air, something pounds you in the stomach, leaving you breathless.

A Mankey wearing a blue headband is sprawled on the ground in front of you. A small coin purse lays on the ground next to it.

After a few moments, the Mankey gets up dizzily, holding its head. It identifies you as the source of its new headache and immediately its face begins to turn red. It jumps up and down on the spot, steam figuratively pouring from its ears. Uh oh, this thing is completely enraged and it's about to attack you! What are you going to do?!

Enraged Mankey appeared!
Can't be caught.
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