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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Trainer: Zayna
Party: Charmander (Blaze)
Currently: Fighting for my life

What the heck? Dude, Narrator person. This is not what I had in mind!

Giving a short yip of alarm, I ducked beneath the hairy beast’s swing. It was a close miss—I could fill the wind whipping through my air as the arm flew by. Next time, I might not be so lucky. I had to do something, quick! Scrambling away from the livid Electrivire, I glanced over at my Pokémon. While he stared at the Electrivire bravely, I knew that there was no way he could take it on. He was a pipsqueak compared to the behemoth.

But perhaps, we didn’t need to try to defeat it.

I bit my lip trying as I wracked my head for the list of moves Blaze might know. There should have been no way I could recall such information, but as the Electrivire charged once again some hidden instinct kicked in.

“Blaze! Smokescreen, now!” I yelled, then braced myself as the beast came closer.

My Charmander cried out in affirmation, and without a moment of hesitation he opened his maw and breathed a stream of black smoke from his mouth at the Electrivire’s face. With that distraction, I rolled out of the way of the beast’s charge.

Glancing over at the table, I could still see the girl cowering beneath it.

“Keep it up, Blaze!” I ordered. “Distract it! But be careful! Don’t let it get you!”

“Char!” Blaze puffed out his chest before spewing out more smoke. I hoped that the owners of the lighthouse wouldn’t mind… but then again—as I glanced about the room—they had worse things to worry about. As Blaze did his thing, I crept over to the table.

“Come on,” I offered my hand to the glasses-wearing girl. “Let’s get out of here!”

Of course I’m gonna do the heroic thing here! I just hope that that doesn't come back and bite me in the butt.
Official's Post:

Hey, I don't control the story, I just narrate it.

Your plan, by the way, was quite clever for one with retrograde amnesia - looks like adrenaline is decent stimuli for your memory to return. Perhaps this journey will be good for you.

The Electivire splutters through the thick smog, forcing a flurry of sparks to emit from its mouth as it does so. Your Charmander quite loyally keeps up the distraction effort, not even seeming to wince in fear. Of course, there was no way the lizard could keep that up for long. Limited PP and all, y'know? Eventually the Smokescreen it continued to spew out became thinner and thinner.

"Oh my, thank you!" the girl squealed as she took your hand. You made sure her smooth fingers had inter-connected with yours before dragging the child off of the floor, attempting to get away from the monster that was still struggling to see through the smoke. You fly down the stairs as fast as your legs could carry you, almost stumbling down the thick stone blocks. You get outside and breathe in the fresh smell of safety, the outside world, before letting go of the girl's hand and having a much deserved rest. You collapse onto the floor, letting the grass outside of the lighthouse tickle your body as you relax.

Suddenly, a thought strikes you which sends another course of adrenaline flowing through your veins. Did you just leave your Charmander behind?

Better go back for it. Or not. Your choice.

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