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Default Re: CM's Pokémon Black 2 Nuzlocke

Howdy hey, y'all! I'm back with another update!

So as I stated in my last post's edit, I forgot I had already gone through the ranch. That would explain the high levels, wouldn't it?

Anyway, I'm typing this as I play, so here we go. I trained a little more before I went to the gym. I got Fenris up to level 14 before I went. At the gym before battling Cheren he and Zuzen leveled up again, making the levels 11 and 15. With my Riolu now knowing Force Palm the leader battle was nothing. Got the badge and the TM, now off we go!

Bianca! My word, woman, I just want to continue the game. I don't want Return. I never, ever use it. *sigh* Blah blah blah... Mashing the A button... Cheren comes out... Blah blah blah... Xtransceiver call with Juniper... more A button mashing... read all of this in White 2... Jasper shows up and challenges Cheren... Finally! Got the C-Gear! Now I can register Black 2 to the Global Link. Gonna take a moment to do that...

Okay, now that I've registered Black 2 to the Global Link and made a quick stop to the Pokémon Center, we're on the road again! Back on Route 19 with Leah leading the team... Wild Patrat. Okay, now they're getting annoying. With a quick Tackle that's taken care of. Now a while Purrloin. Again, one Tackle was all it took. Maybe I should let Zuzen lead... Another Patrat! Yes, I'm walking through the grass. Seems like not even a Vine Whip could take it out, so I needed to use a Tackle. Finally back in Floccesy Town. Quick run into the Center for quick heals and buy some supplies... five Pokéballs and two Potions should be enough for now, have seven and four of the times before. And now off to-

Bianca! Again? Really? Why can't I just- Huh? Pokédex upgrade? What the what? Habitat List? That's new... I'll check that out later. Oh, now I learn about the rustling grass. Maybe that'll start happening. Not that it'll matter on this version. I can only catch one Pokémon per area. Unless I use a Repel... Nah, I won't do that. That'll ruin the fun. Now then, off to Route 20!

Okay, so the guy that was blocking the path before wants a battle. Forgot to put Zuzen up front, so I'll switch in battle. Really? He has a Riolu? I did not run into another one while on the ranch. Now how many people are gonna have one? Anyway, a couple Tackles should end this quickly... three, to be exact. That wasn't difficult. Though I didn't like Zuzen being put in the yellow by two Quick Attacks... Hey! Leah leveled up! Level 13 and a new move. Hmm... This is a tough one. Growth is a good move... I'll have her forget Wrap. Hardly use it anyway. Just gonna stop by the ranch for a quick heal, put Zuzen up front, and then finish crossing Route 20.

Really?! Cheren and Jasper come out of no where! Let me get to the next town, people... I already know about the dark grass. There's a chance two Pokémon will appear at once. Like you didn't teach me that in the last game, Cheren. Okay, exploring the dark grass... Found a Great Ball. Gotta sell that as soon as I find a Pokémon Center. Rules say I can only carry and use Pokéballs. Anything stronger than that I must sell. Didn't encounter any Pokémon in that grass, so off to battle the trainers and then finally get off of this route.

What?! A Dunsparce! Where did this person get one? Not that I want it, but it totally hit me by surprise. Good thing I switched to Leah before walking in front of this trainer... I do hope I'm close to Virbank. That's where I'm going to stop and take a break. Anyway, back to playing... And Leah levels up after the battle with the Dunsparce. Switching her out for Zuzen now since he's a little behind in level. Found a Dire Hit on the ground and now a double battle. Sunkern aren't any trouble. Zuzen and Leah can easily handle this.

Finally in Virbank City! Got more Great Balls, so I have more items to sell. Gonna find a Pokémon Center now... Dangit! One step into the city and the Xtransceiver goes off! Who is calling me? ... Mom? Wow.. Well, that pointless. Anyway... *sigh* Why are people keeping me from the Center?! ... Hey! Roxie said my cat's name! X3 Sorry, but when she said "doofus" I instantly thought of my cat, who is in fact named Doofus. Now then, since that little scene is over with, I can finally get into the Center. Now with my Pokémon fully healed I can sell those Great Balls. With those sold I think I'll buy five more Pokéballs and two more Potions, just for good measures. Now to step out of the Pokémon Center and... Save the game!

I'm going to cut if off here. I think I've done enough for now. I'll be editing my first post with my team after this is posted. Hope that all of y'all who are reading this are enjoying it, and I'll be seeing y'all around! Until next time folks!
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