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Default Re: Grass-type Award Ceremony

Really well written and interesting article. I like reading about other people's opinions. Too bad Bulbasaur didn't win anything!

The only one I would personally strongly disagree with is the best starter being the Snivy family. While I do really like the design and think that Snivy has great attitude in the anime, I did pick it as my starter and found it pretty disappointing. It doesn't have a very wide movepool and while its defenses might be good, it is not very useful at attacking anything, which I think is much more important in-game. I found both the Treecko and Bulbasaur families to be much more useful for their wider movepools and abilities to deal some decent damage at all evolutionary stages. But of course, that's just me!

I never really considered how strange it was that Exeggcute is a grass-type until you just pointed it out! You're right, plants aren't really associated with eggs at all. Maybe they're supposed to be strange coconuts? Totally weird! xD And even weirder that I never questioned it before!

Another great and enjoyable article, winstein. Thanks for sharing and as always, I look forward to more from you!

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