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Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Official's Post:
It seems to be your lucky day! Your Litwick notices something shiny off the side of the path and immediately takes off after it. Soon you can't even spot your Pokemon through the trees...

Just as you're about to start worrying you hear Litwick's voice from up head. "Wick! Litwick" it beckons you.

You wonder if maybe your very own Litwick has turned on you and is trying to lead you deep into the forest to suck away your life energy and take you to the Ghost world....

When you catch up to Litwick you realise that it's motioning to a small bag on the ground. You pick up the brown sack, which turns out to be quiet heavy. Inside are 20 stars! Litwick looks up at you expectantly. You didn't really doubt your Pokemon, did you?!

Dustin found 20 stars!
Trainer: Dustin

Currently: Moving along Route 2

"... ... !!!"

Dustin happily picks up the stars, stashing them in his bag, and hugs Litwick tightly. The group continues on.
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