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Default Re: Route 3

Trainer: Sarah Everstone
Currently: Training

Sarah continued down the path, continually looking over her shoulder. She could have sworn she felt something earlier...

"Guess I'm just being paranoid," she said unsurely. "Don't worry Aster, I'm sure it was nothing." She tried to reassure the Bulbasaur, who was looking a little scared. "How about we do some training? Maybe you can teach Reni some new moves?"

"Saur!" Aster nodded happily, enjoying the role of big brother.

"Okay Reni, come on out!" The Sunkern appeared in a flash.

The Pokemon faced each other across the path. "Aster, use Tackle! Reni, dodge and use Mega Drain!"

Aster ran toward Reni, who managed to dodge. Tendrils of green light sped toward Aster.

"Dodge it Aster, and use Razor Leaf!"

Aster leapt into the air, but Reni managed to redirect her Mega Drain to encase the Bulbasaur in green light.

"Nice one Reni!" Sarah cheered as Aster shook off the attack. "You're going to be ready for our next battle for sure!"
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