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Default Re: Why PETA is WRONG About Pokemon

The point of such a campaign is to ruffle feathers, which it seems to have done effortlessly. It's less about prompting fans to stop playing Pokemon altogether, but rather give some insight into what *can* be construed from the range of behaviours and ideologies in the Pokemon universe. Then, it's up to the individual to decide whether such insight alters their perception of Pokemon, or whether they can continue to play with their morals in check.

While PETA may seem aggressive in their approach, remind yourself that Pokemon is a conglomerate franchise, with heavily influence on young minds. PETA is well within their right to create, as Sealboy suggests, a parody of a game whose undertones *can* be seen to promote animal cruelty.

Someone needs to call the butthurt police, bahaha; everyone's on the defensive. >.>
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