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Default Re: Why PETA is WRONG About Pokemon

I don't know how you can think it's not a dig at the Pokemon games. They released it on the same day as Black and White 2 for maximum effect and to detract from the games, say that Pokemon is akin to caging elephants and other ridiculous things.

If you take a look at PETA's history, they are all about attacking everything and anything that they think is 'wrong' and stooping to ridiculous levels to achieve this aim. I don't think this is an effective campaign at all and it is way over the top. Isn't a parody supposed to cleverly reference or refer to something without blatantly ripping it off? The fact that they used the logo, designs and names of actual Pokemon and characters must be illegal and makes this is a blatant attack. They are not just saying "these poor animals should be freed" with a bunch of made up monsters which could be associated with Pokemon and other games involving training animal-like creatures. By using Pokemon logos and characters, they are saying that Pokemon trainers specifically are evil and the Pokemon company specifically is encouraging animal abuse by releasing these games.

This actually made my local newspaper which is ridiculous in itself. I don't know who they are trying to appeal to with this. Pokemon fans will be disgusted, young children who might actually play the game will be disgusted by the gore, violence and graphic animal abuse video they play as a 'prize' and parents will be disgusted that PETA is trying to market to children by making a violent and horrible game. The only people who this is going to affect positively are those who already think Pokemon is bad in one way or another. There is no way this is going to convert anyone who has ever played a Pokemon game or watched a single episode of the TV show where it is more than obvious that Pokemon are not just animals and that humans and Pokemon care about each other.

Not to mention they align themselves with Team Plasma, an organisation who may have a valid underlying concern, but happens to be led by a crazy idiot who is really evil and just wants to make everyone else get rid of their Pokemon so HE can use Pokemon to take over the world. That really makes sense. Good job, PETA.

For the record, I actually believe Team Plasma raised some valid points regarding Pokemon training, although it has always been clear that Pokemon enjoy being in the care of trainers. Aren't there some real animals that need PETA's attention? Next they'll be attacking Harry Potter for killing a basilisk.

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