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Trainer: Zayna
Team: Charmander (Blaze)
Currently: Exploring the Lighthouse

Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Official's Post:

Hello, trainer! I am your narrator. I will be accompanying you throughout your journey in Celestia.

Yes, here goes nothing indeed.

Andromeda sure is beautiful, isn't it? Thankfully today the weather was quite pleasant, and your Charmander certainly seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere.

So, you travel to the lighthouse. The lighthouse is not a long distance away from the Cedar Laboratory - it's just a small while through town. It's a relatively simple place, which seems quite suiting for the beginning of an adventure - we wouldn't want to bog you down with complications so early on, would we? The town is home to only a few residents, so I'm sure if you stuck around long enough you'd bond well with this tightly knit community.

Of course, there's no time to stop and chat. You've a journey to traverse. And a memory to restore.

You look upon the lighthouse with awe. Stretching over 30 metres high, it's an impressive sight for starting trainers to behold. The plant-life surrounding the structure is well kept and the building itself is cleaned so that it is spick-and-span. You get the feeling that Andromedans take real pride in the place they live.

You enter the lighthouse with new-found confidence and you feel your heart flutter with excitement. The inside is nicely decorated with a lightning-blue wallpaper and several desks and drawers. Pictures of several Electric type Pokemon litter the room - perhaps you remember a few of them? The serenity stops after a while of browsing the room, however - you hear strange noises from above you.

Perhaps you should climb the stairs?
I have a narrator? Huh. Imagine that. Oh, but back to the story…

Blaze and I stared up at the ceiling in puzzlement. I frowned, wondering out loud, “Wonder what that could be?”

With my gaze fixated, I didn’t see Blaze give a shrug. “Charmander, char.”

My eyes suddenly lit up with excitement. “Wonder if it’s an electric Pokémon?” I wasn’t sure why the thought of an electric Pokémon set my heart racing, but I had this strange desire to catch one—or, at least, see one while here. It had been advertised that the lighthouse was powered by these creatures, and it would be fascinating to see how that worked.

“Let’s go check it out!” I waved at my companion, and eagerly raced to the staircase.

Heck yes, I want to climb those stairs!

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