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Originally Posted by Etymology View Post
Trainer: Eti Molo

Currently: Checking out the Library.

I had to find a way to temporarily get rid of the Pokemon that hated me so much. I had the perfect plan!

After I stored the rebellious Pokemon in the PC, I had to think of which Pokemon to take with me. "Hmm. Monster, Sewaddle and Pleasant don't hate me yet. I should probably take one of them with me, too, to try and convince them I'm good. Salsa will do."

I took the 4 Pokemon and clipped them onto my belt before storing the rest in the PC. I needed space for future captures anyway.

I sent out my new squad, except for Salsa. "Right guys, we're on a mission to be the best team in the whole of Celestia! It starts now! The next gym is in Aurora City! Any questions?"

The squad stayed silent.

"Good! Before we head out to Route 5, I want to check out the library!"

I walked on over to the library - it was a short walk from my current location. It looked old and worn down. I crept inside, trying to be quiet so I didn't disturb anyone. However, no one appeared to be around.

Official's Post:
You step into the cool, dim library. It smells musty and old in here. No one seems to be around at all and your "Hello?" seems to echo, bouncing off the shelves and shelves of old books. There is a desk to your right, with a sign indicating where specific books can be found.

East Wing - History of Celestia
West Annexe - Pokemon Anatomy, Physiology and Evolution
North Wing - Pokemon Training
South Annexe - General Knowledge

Now that you're quiet, you can hear a shuffling sound from the East Wing.
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