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Default Re: Your B2/W2 Team!

(Copying CM's format because I like it)

Black2 Stats
Name: Anton
ID No: 18054
Started: Oct. 07, 2012
Badges: 3


David ♂
Lv. 23
Item: Amulet Coin
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Relaxed
Often scatters things
-Razor Shell
-Fury Cutter

Donny ♂
Lv. 23
Item: Silk Scarf
Ability: Sand Rush
Nature: Brave
Often dozes off
-Take Down

Sigilyph ♂
Lv. 22
Item: TwistedSpoon
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Gentle
Strong Willed
-Air Cutter

Amp ♂
Lv. 22
Item: none
Ability: Static
Nature: Relaxed
Alert to sounds
-Cotton Spore
-Thunder Wave
-Charge Beam

OT: Plasma
Lv. 23
Item: Scope Lens
Ability: Download
Nature: Sassy
Alert to sounds
-Techno Blast
-Magnet Bomb
-Flame Charge
-Signal Beam

OT: SMR2012
Lv. 21
Item: none
Ability: Justified
Nature: Naive
Likesto thrash about
-Aqua Jet
-Double Kick
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