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Originally Posted by CM View Post
Okay, that is workable. I do not think that everyone who was in the original would sign up, so maybe having brief character descriptions of who the original eight are supposed to be to help newer players understand the character betters would be a good idea. It also wouldn't hurt to send out PMs to the original players (who were in Yellow) when it comes closer to releasing Crystal to see if they'd be interested. Or even maybe open up a spot or two for a completely new character to make things a little more open. Just making suggestions right now. I'll seriously start thinking about the idea and trying to come up with a plot or basic plot line when I'm feeling better.
Im honestly not sure the originals would come back. The format of this one is going to have to be completely different for it to be successful. I dont want it to be a group thing. Maybe two people could be partners and theyre stories could go together but overall it needs to have the freedom the first one didnt.

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